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If you don’t have the ability to hire someone to clean your house or you don’t have the housemaid to do this housework. Then, cleaning the house could be a huge kind of task for people especially for those parents who are staying at home and at the same time taking care of the kids and they have to cook meals for their family and send their kids to school as well. When someone will visit your house, it is important that your home is clean and free from dirt as your visitors might not like to get inside or to stay inside your home for a longer time. Availing cleaning services would be a good choice only if you can’t do things as you are having a hectic schedule.  

Dust Particle

  1. In preparation for your house cleaning and dusting. You have to make sure that you put aside or away from those furnitures or things and stuff to one side. This will help people to make this kind of task easier and faster at the same time. If it is inside the bedrooms, then you can ask your kids to help you get out all the things inside. It will be a nice way to get rid all the possible cobwebs and dirt in the area that is not able to be cleaned during normal days. 

  2. You can put a handkerchief around your mouth and nose or if you have the mask then you can wear it. It would help you to protect yourself from breathing and getting inside in your body all the dust particles and other things. 

  3. If you are doing the cleaning inside the bedroom. You need to get the cover of the bed like the bedsheet, the pillow covers and even blankets. You may include also the curtain. You have to shake them so that particles would be removed. Do it outside the room. 

  4. If you are cleaning in an area. You have to start with the ceiling part. You can clean and dust the lights, chandeliers, and even ceiling fans. You have to make sure that you properly remove the dust so that when you use the stuff it would not fall down. This is the best way to start from the top to the bottom. You may use wet towel to totally get and stick to the towel all the dirt and dust.

  5. You can use a dry cloth to wipe out the dirt and dust on the wall. Make sure that you won’t use any harsh agents to the wall as it may damage the paint and the structure of the wall. You may include your doors in doing this. 

  6. If you are having a glass window. Then you might use some special soap or solution to clean the window. 

  7. For all the picture frames on the desk or table and on the wall. You can use a soft feather duster to get rid of that.  
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