Deep Cleaning with Power Washing

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Power washing is a process used by professionals to provide quality exterior cleaning services in homes. These professionals are well-experienced in the job and they understand what is needed to do a good job. They perform different techniques for every project, as each project may be drastically different than one another.

Power Washing In Tarpon Springs

It’s important that you only hire power washing experts if you want to do some exterior cleaning in your home. The people who know of all the tricks of the trade are not likely to do any damage on the surface. If you decide to hire a handyman or do the job yourself, you’re at the risk of either damaging your property, injuring yourself, or doing a haphazard job.

Power Washing Techniques

If you’re going to ask professionals how they power wash homes, you’ll be lucky if they tell you some of their secrets. Below are some of the things that they do to make homes look new again, at least as far as the surfaces are concerned.

1. Using a lower pressure setting

Power washing is needed to remove grime and dirt from surfaces using a highly pressurized water stream. Such amount of pressure can be too harsh on the surface, so it is essential that you choose the right setting for every project. Power washing can chip away a wood deck. Professionals know the right pressure setting so that the dirt is removed but the surface is kept intact. Using a low-pressure setting is advisable for surfaces that are easily damaged.

2. Using special cleaning agents

Some homeowners think that the strong jet of water coming out of the power washing is enough to clean surfaces. That’s not entirely true. If you ask a power washing professional, he’d say that to achieve thorough cleaning, you’ll need the use of cleaning agents. Doing so maximizes the full potential of power washing, which is the main idea. The job of cleaning agents is to lessen the workload of the power washer so that it not a lot of pressure or water is required for the cleaning job. Some companies have their own proprietary cleaners. Try to use eco-friendly cleaners instead to remove dirt, mildew, and mold from surfaces.

3. Using hot water

There are times when hot water is preferable than cold water when cleaning. It’s possible to change the water source when pressure washing. Some professional cleaning trucks are loaded with special equipment to heat up water near its boiling point for best results. However, the professional should also know how much heat a surface can take. Vinyl may warp if subjected to too much heat.

4. Using different nozzles

Specialty power washing machines come with different nozzles so it can do a better job of cleaning surfaces. It also makes the job more efficient because the professional becomes more productive. Shifting from a rotary nozzle from a fan-shaped nozzle can make a huge difference. Some machines also come with the surface cleaner nozzle, which looks like a floor buffer and it cleans a much wider area than the two nozzles stated previously. If you need power washing in Tarpon Springs, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. They’re always there to help you out.

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