4 Benefits of Planting Trees

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Imagine the world without trees. There would be no world or Earth to call. We all know that trees are essential parts of our lives. They provide oxygen for us and home for wildlife. Their benefits are countless, but we will try to encapsulate some of them in this article. The point is we should encourage people to plant more trees in their backyard so we can still balance the system. They are part of our lives and they should always be. With the issues of illegal logging, deforestation and illegal mining, we should be more active in protecting our trees.  

Planting Trees 

Environmental Benefits 

We are all aware that trees offer a lot of environmental benefits. They provide oxygen for us to breath and also reduce the urban heat island effect through cooling the environment. They reduce the heat and provide cool air in the buildings and parking lots. If you have visited a city where no single tree can be seen, you will feel the scorching heat of the sun that almost burns you.  

According to http://www.cdstumptreeremoval.com/ planting trees also improve the quality of air by filtering the harmful pollutants and dusts such as carbon monoxide, ozone and sulfur dioxide. They also help with reducing the soil erosion and pollution in the waterways that will also reduce the effects of flooding. When it comes to habitat for the wildlife, the trees also provide homes for them. Protection, oxygen, you name it.  

Economic Benefits 

When you plant many trees in your backyard, you don’t have to worry about the cost of your energy bills especially during summer. Deciduous trees can also warm your home during cold winter days by allowing the sun to pass through them. If you also want to reduce the cooling effects of the winter winds, you can do so by planting evergreen trees on your home’s north side.  

Aside from all these, the trees on your landscape also improve your property’s home value. It is 10% higher than those homes without trees in it. Trees reduce our usage of energy bills, which means you will save a lot of money.  

Communal Benefits 

The trees of your neighbors will also benefit other people who don’t own them, that are why it’s called communal benefits. For example, the forest doesn’t have one owner but all of us benefit from it. Through careful planning, the trees can be enjoyed by everyone in the community. Lining trees in the streets will have a traffic calming effect, screen unwanted noise or views from the highways and also improves the design of the neighborhood.  

Social Benefits 

Aside from it being the number 1 contributor of oxygen, trees also reduce the trees we have. When we spend our time looking at trees or walking around a green space, we feel more relaxed. Being one with nature is the best way to meditate and reflect. So planting trees will give you more reason to enjoy this beautiful planet we have. Let’s not waste them; instead we should take care of them.  


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